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SBH 50th Class Reunion Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When and where is the SBH 50th Class Reunion?

A:  The 50th Class Reunion of St. Bernard’s High School 1965 graduates will be held on Friday evening, September 25, 2015 at Jimmy’s Conference Center, 3565 Labore Road, Vadnais Heights, MN.
The evening will begin with time to socialize, 5pm-7pm (cash bar).  Then dinner at 7pm will be followed by a brief program and more time to socialize, until the reunion ends at 11pm.

Q:  What is planned for the evening?

A:  Plans are in process but the program is not finalized. Your Reunion Committee has chosen a fun venue and a delicious buffet dinner with a fall theme. We promise an evening full of laughter, time to connect with classmates and share life experiences and wisdom gained 50 years after we left the halls of SBH.

Q:  How much will it cost?

A:  The cost is $50 per person, which will cover the meal, venue and related costs, mailings, all communications and the creation of our Memory Book. Your Reunion Committee has worked hard to keep costs as low as possible, while providing a special evening in honor of this milestone.

Q:  Are refreshments included in this cost?

Water and coffee are included in the $50 charge; however alcoholic beverages and soda will be available for purchase at the cash bar.  

Q:  How and when will we sign up for the reunion?  

A:  Invitations and a reply RSVP form will be mailed this spring. Mail your Reply Card and payment check to SBH Class of ’65, P.O. Box 270236, St. Paul, MN 55127. We can't accept credit/debit cards or cash by mail.  

Q:  Will there be a program?  Music and dancing?

A:  Yes, a short program will follow dinner.  Send us your ideas.  It’s a bit early for details, but we’re confident it will be entertaining.

Q:  What is the Memory Book and how do I get it?  

A:  We will be compiling classmate information from the online form as well as responses from our initial mailer. We encourage you to 1) respond with your thoughts—fill out as much as you want; add your own comments or life experiences if you like and 2) to use the online form if possible, making compilation easier. We expect the printed Memory Books to be ready in September; however this depends on how efficiently (the sooner the better) we are able to gather information from all of you. Our goal is to include everyone if possible; even if you cannot attend the Reunion, we want you in the Memory Book!

Q:  Will there be a cost to the Memory Book?

A:  The cost of creating and printing the Memory Books is included in the $50 Reunion cost. If you are unable to attend the Reunion and would like a Memory Book, please send a $10 donation to cover handling & mailing. Please note that if you choose not to have a Memory Book, or are paying for a guest to attend, the cost to attend the reunion is still $50/person.  

Q: If the cost of the Memory Book is included in the admission cost, shouldn't there be a reduced price for guests or spouses, who likely will not want or need an individual copy of the Memory Book?

A: The Reunion Committee has really made every effort to keep costs within reason, avoiding extravagance and unnecessary expenses. Think of the $50 cost to attend as an "all inclusive" - it covers venue costs, food, service charges and taxes, security, refreshments and bar costs, mailing costs, invitations and all other forms of communication, including website development and maintenance, photography, memorabilia, and the cost of paper, printing and binding the Memory Book.  Every participant shares equally in these expenses. We can't price the book separately except for those who are unable to attend - we need an extra contribution from them. So, no, there is no reduced price for guests or spouses.  

Q:  Are there hotels near to the Reunion venue?

A:  Yes.  Simply click on the “Event Details” tab for names and locations.

Q:  What if I pay my money and am unable to attend the Reunion?

A:  A refund will be mailed to you if we are notified by September 15, 2015. After that, the funds will be needed to cover venue commitments and unfortunately cannot be refunded to you.

Q:  What if, after the September 1st RSVP deadline I find that I am able to attend the Reunion?  Can I simply come to Jimmy’s on the evening of the event?

A:  Contact us as soon as possible after September 1, and if arrangementscan be made with Jimmy’s, we'll do our best to make sure you can attend the Reunion. Sorry, but walk-ins on the evening of the event cannot be accommodated.

Q:  What if, after submitting my RSVP, I need to make a change.  How do I do that?

A:  Just contact us directly on our email address: or drop us a note to SBH Class of ’65, P.O. Box 270236, St. Paul, MN 55127 and we will get back to you ASAP to discuss.  

Q:  May I bring a guest to the Reunion?

A:  Yes, of course, your guest is welcome.  Indicate on the RSVP form that an additional person will be attending and include the additional $50 in your payment check.


Q:  If I have photos, news clippings, an old uniform or beanie, etc., who should I contact?


A:  We'd love to have you share any memorabilia from our years at SBH, 1961-65.  Contact Joan at  She will get in touch with you to see how we can use/display that stuff you have been keeping for 50 years.

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